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India's largest Digital Transformation event

21-22 Feb, 2017 | Mumbai

Digital Transformation. It's real. It's now.

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P.S. Pradyumana, IAS, AP shares how #Kaizala enables them to make real-time e-governance a reality: #FutureDecoded

Missed out on the #DigitalTransformation event of the year? Catch the highlights from #FutureDecoded 2017

Missed out on the biggest #DigitalTransformation event of the year? Catch the highlights from #FutureDecoded 2017

Andhra Pradesh to lead the way for #DigitalTransformation in India. - N.Chandrababu Naidu at #FutureDecoded

Catch Norm Judah in conversation with leading CEO's at #FutureDecoded, live on periscope.

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We’ve built Skype Lite for India, it's lightweight and has #Aadhar integration built in.@satyanadella #FutureDecoded

Catch the keynote of Chandrababu Naidu, CM, Andhra Pradesh at #FutureDecoded, live on #periscope

The hybrid-cloud infrastructure being adopted by even the public sector in India is exciting for us to see. @SatyaNadella #FutureDecoded

With self-driving and #ConnectedCars, the auto industry is at the forefront of changing the business model. @SatyaNadella #FutureDecoded